Evolutions Group
Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
Evolutions Group
Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
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Evolutions Group publishes books to educate, empower and engage entrepreneurs.


  1. Stepping up to New Opportunities
  2. Evolutionary Entrepreneur: Going Beyond the Passion
  3. Evolutionary Entrepreneur: The Path to Today, the Journey to Tomorrow
  4. Evolutionary Entrepreneur: Embarking on a New Path
  5. Grow Your Creative Business – Turn your Passion into Profit as a Creative Entrepreneur
  6. How do I look? Dressing Appropriately in Today’s Workplace

Grow Your Creative Business

Are you looking for a way to turn your artistic passion into a viable business? Grow Your Creative Business is a results-oriented program for creatives who struggle with traditional business methods. Whether you are an artisan, designer or creative entrepreneur, we are here to empower you and help you take the steps needed to make your vision a reality.

Award-winning "Creativepreneurs" Mark Burwell and Cheri Larson help creatives to tap into their creativity and innovation. They have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, teaching them how to overcome obstacles and take the steps needed to successfully launch or grow a business using proven techniques.

With easy-to-implement business tips, tools and resources, you will have the confidence and solid business guidance needed to either start or grow your business. It's time to start turning your passion into profit with your creative business!


The Evolutionary Entrepreneur - Embarking on a New Path

Are you ready to evolve as an entrepreneur? Mark Burwell challenges you and leads you on the journey to become an Evolutionary Entrepreneur. By tapping into your passion, unleashing your creativity and utilizing innovative tools, you will become empowered and discover your true competitive advantage.

This collection of tips, tools and power thoughts will serve as your compass. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or exploring the idea of launching a business, this book will inspire and educate you.

Filled with practical advice and empowering quotes, Burwell shares his years of working with hundreds of businesses and non-profit organizations. The Evolutionary Entrepreneur is your guidebook in embarking on your new path.