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Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
Evolutions Group
Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
David Class

Entrepreneur Advantage

Legendary Green Bay Packer and NFL Player, Reggie White and his wife Sara, had a vision of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of owning and operating their own business.

Entrepreneur Virtual Series

We're proud to be able to offer a virtual series focused on connecting all the best portions from the successful Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center/E-Hub Programs. The first presentation will appear here on November 18, 2020. Click on the link below to listen to our podcast series.

Session 1: Journey to Entrepreneurship Podcast (click to listen)

Session 2: Building Your Entrepreneur Team & Hub (click to listen)

Session 3: Vision, Mission, Goals & Positioning (click to listen)

Session 4: The Anatomy of the Biz Plan (click to listen)

Session 5: The Market (click to listen)

  • Market opportunities in the new frontiers
  • Defining your prospects not suspects
  • Burwell trend-responding model
  • Getting your ideas to the marketplace

Session 6: Discovering Your Ideal Customer (click to listen)

Session 7: Branding Basics (click to listen)

Session 8: Entrepreneur Bytes (click to listen)

  • Becoming Shepherds of Innovation
  • Finding Opportunities during Uncertain Times

Session 9: Stepping into Social Media (click to listen)

Session 10: Making it Work: Operations (click to listen)

  • Legal Issues
  • Insuring Your Business
  • Location and Leases

Session 11: All About the $$$ (click to listen)

  • Understanding Your Financials
  • The Art of Pricing
  • Managing Your Finances

Session 12: Human Resources (click to listen)

  • Mapping Needs
  • Motivating Your Team

Session 13: Venturing Your Business (click to listen)

  • Venturing Your Business
  • Managing Your Growth
  • Business Stages
  • Working with Investors and Funding

Session 14: E-Bytes (click to listen)

Session 15: E-Bytes - Talent - (click to listen)

Entrepreneur Advantage Vision

The vision has manifested into an outstanding foundation of empowered entrepreneurs who have developed self-sufficiency and feel a sense of giving back that is necessary to the free enterprise system. This vision has been called the "Power of 92". The organization is led by volunteer Mark Burwell, Director Emeritus.

Today the program has evolved as an advocacy connector, partnering with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It continues to foster the mission of:

  • Cultivating entrepreneurs to become community mentors and leaders.
  • Engaging entrepreneurs to give back through social enterprising.
  • Tapping into and empowering creative entrepreneurs.


An impressive list of entrepreneurs have graduated from our program to become successful leaders and business owners. Here is a quick look at the community and economic impact for the New North region of Wisconsin:

  • 2,650 graduates and workshop participants
  • Over 910 business ventures started or rebooted
  • Over 6,000 number of sustainable years in business
  • Over 3,600 full and part-time jobs created
  • Millions of dollars in services, payroll, bank loans and tax revenue has been generated from the program each year.
  • Hundreds of hours of volunteer counseling and peer-to-peer mentoring each year.
  • Dozens of award-winning business and leaders and alumni giving back to their community.

Alumni Chamber Of Commerce Winners & Nominees

2018 Small Business Person of the Year; Lonny Charles, Board Member, Wipfli CPA’s

2014 Small Business Person of the Year: Ying LaCourt, Helping Hands Caregivers

2014 Nominees for Entrepreneurial Award: Stacey Nell Kolze, Nell's Wigs; Brenton Watzka, Access Prosthetics

2012 Nominee for Entrepreneurial Award: Robert Jahnke, Top Hat Marketing

2011 Nominee for Cornerstone Award: Angela Cervantes, Angelina

2011 Nominee for Growth Award: Catherine & Mark Semrau, La Java-A Roasting House

2010 Nominees for Entrepreneurial Award: Teri Shevy & Dan Frievalt, artEssence; Catalina Taboada, Taboada & Associates

2009 Nominees for Business Award: Jill Bassett & Kelly Cornelius, Plae Bistro; Maribeth Conard and Cheri Larson, Legato Marketing & Communications

2009 Young Professionals: Dan Frievalt & Teri Shevy, artEssence

2008 Small Business Person of the Year: Jim LaCourt, AHEAD Human Resources

2008 Small Business Manufacturer of the Year: S&M Tool

2007 Athena Award: Donsia Strong Hill

2006 Small Business Person of the Year: Mark Burwell

2006 Entrepreneurial Growth Award: Cheri Larson, Azante Jewelry

2002 Entrepreneurial Growth Award: Linda Galt, Kavarna

Outreach Affiliates

  • Southwestern Wisconsin – Janesville and Beloit
  • Northcentral Ohio – Canton and Cleveland