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Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
Evolutions Group
Empowering & Building Communities of Entrepreneurs
David Class

Entrepreneur Advantage

The Entrepreneur Advantage program is a creative collective of like-minded entrepreneurs who gather to Engage, Empower and Evolve.

The Entrepreneur Advantage Series

The Entrepreneur Advantage series incorporates a framework of learning that works. It is for those that dare to dream of a new destiny, who want to grow their concepts, products, and services into a rewarding business. It is an innovative program model for the time-sensitive entrepreneur. Entrepreneur Advantage focuses on connecting all the best portions from the successful Urban Hope Entrepreneur Center/E-Hub programs. Guided discussions will be led by award-winning entrepreneur Mark Burwell, Executive Director Emeritus of E-Hub Entrepreneur Center.

Next session workshops and panels: Winter Session - January, 2024 Spring Session - May, 2024

• How to make an impact in the marketplace
• How to develop and connect to new, invaluable resources
• How to design your business canvas for strategic growth
• How to market your business to the right people in the right way
• Peer-to-peer empowerment and sharing of knowledge and resources
• Becoming an entrepreneur of influence
• Learn dozens of legal traps and how to avoid them
• Over 200 tips for launching, growing or rebooting your business.

Stepping up to New Opportunities Virtual Series

We are proud to offer a podcast series hosted on SoundCloud. This program is an alternative to our in-person classroom series "Stepping Up to New Opportunities". Session 1-15 is from our workbook. The next workshop series will include Sessions 16-30, covering "The New Evolutionary Entrepreneur", includes 200 minutes of tips and concepts for evolving and reinventing yourself and your business as you embark on a new journey. Click on the link below to listen to our podcast series.

Stepping Up to New Opportunity Virtual Series:

Session 1: Journey to Entrepreneurship Podcast (click to listen)

Session 2: Building Your Entrepreneur Team & Hub (click to listen)

Session 3: Vision, Mission, Goals & Positioning (click to listen)

Session 4: The Anatomy of the Biz Plan (click to listen)

Session 5: The Market (click to listen)

  • Market opportunities in the new frontiers
  • Defining your prospects not suspects
  • Burwell trend-responding model
  • Getting your ideas to the marketplace

Session 6: Discovering Your Ideal Customer (click to listen)

Session 7: Branding Basics (click to listen)

Session 8: Entrepreneur Bytes (click to listen)

  • Becoming Shepherds of Innovation
  • Finding Opportunities during Uncertain Times

Session 9: Stepping into Social Media (click to listen)

Session 10: Making it Work: Operations (click to listen)

  • Legal Issues
  • Insuring Your Business
  • Location and Leases

Session 11: All About the $$$ (click to listen)

  • Understanding Your Financials
  • The Art of Pricing
  • Managing Your Finances

Session 12: Human Resources (click to listen)

  • Mapping Needs
  • Motivating Your Team

Session 13: Venturing Your Business (click to listen)

  • Venturing Your Business
  • Managing Your Growth
  • Business Stages
  • Working with Investors and Funding

Session 14: E-Bytes (click to listen)

Session 15: E-Bytes - Talent - (click to listen)

The Evolutionary Entrepreneur Series

Session 16: Embarking on a New Path - (click to listen)

Session 17: Evolving into New Frontiers - (click to listen)

Session 18: Recipe for Success - (click to listen)

Session 19: Taking a Victory Lap - (click to listen)

Session 20: Have Your Compass Ready - (click to listen)

Session 21: Deciding Your Destiny - Dare to Dream - (click to listen)


Session 22: Reflections on the Path Ahead

Session 23: Sustainable Business Strategy